Step1: Download the pin up

Step 1: Download the pin up and put it up in the units where dysphagia is screened/evaluated in your hospital.

           Send us the name of the unit and hospital if they want to be recognized on our website as participants.

           Send the pin up to all your contacts involved in dysphagia management


Step 2: Download the excel

Download the excel to record the patients you screen/evaluate during the week 10-14 December 2018. At the end of the week you simply add up each column and fill the numbers into the survey. The survey will be open a few days after 14 Decmeber to give people time to fill it out but only the patients screened during the week 10-14 December should be included.

Step 3: Fill in Survey

At the end of the week 10-14 December, fill in the survey with all the patients you have screened/assessed for dysphagia during the week. Some of the questions should be answered just with a number. For these, use the excel to total all the patients on all the days.